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Machine Learning

Machine learning is the new paradigm where computer systems and machines use algorithms to analyze massive (big) data sets and learn from the data to solve problems on their own rather than using traditional functional programming.

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

NLP is the computer’s ability to recognize and understand human speech as it is spoken. The common NLP tasks are sentence segmentation, part-of-speech tagging, parsing etc. The eventual goal of AI-NLP is to communicate to a computer directly using natural human language than using computer languages. A human should be able to talk to the computer like communicating to another human.

Predictive System

Application program interface (API) is a library of routines, protocols, and tools provided by the software makers to use and employ different functionalities offered in their software suites. Predictive APIs are similar sets of libraries that are used to employ different functionalities and capabilities of machine learning and their predictive models. The benefit of predictive API is that there is nothing to install; if you want to use machine learning, just consume the API.

Deep learning

Deep learning is an advanced facet of AI. This is the mimicking of the brain by constructing artificial neural networks, so that the computer is trained to recognize patterns, images, sound, and text.

Conversational Ai

New ways to interact with your product on text-based conversational