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These are just a few show cases of how Yapaytech Personalize can help you to experience personalization based on your data.

AI-Powered Growth Management Platform With Personalization


Higher Conversion


Higher AOV


Higher Revenue

End-to-End Personalization

One platform helps you personalize your customer’s journey by understanding your visitors’ behavior

Customer Segmentation

Create targeted segments. By adding personalization to your business, you can target your visitors based on traffic source, visited pages, geotargeting and more

Personalized Campaign

Create actionable Campaigns. By using your customer’s behavioral and contextual data , you can deliver targeted action with personalization at the right time in the right place

Product Recommendation

YP’s algorithm looks for patterns in user behaviour to show relevant products using past order data and other events like add to cart, product page views.

Create a Campaign in 3 Easy Steps


    When a visitor is about to exit your website

    If visitor's cart total is more than 50$


    Show a cart abandonment popup
Exit Intent, Time on Page, Page View, Scroll Reach and Custom Event
Advanced Conditions
Use Cart, Product and User Info on Condition
Popup, Send Mail, Run JS Code etc.
Example Campaigns
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Supported Platfroms

Integration, it is easy, you can easily connect our features to your site with one line script.

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