Frequently Asked Questions
Q: How can I contact you?
A: You can contact us via [email protected]
Q: How do I add Yapaytech Personalize script to my site?
A: You can find installation instructions on settings/installation page. Go to installation.
Q: Do you have a free Package?
A: Yes
Q: How much does Yapaytech Personalize cost?
A: Free up to 5000 impression per month. If you want more impression limit, visit our pricing page for more information.
Q: Can I downgrade my package?
A: Yes, anytime you want.
Q: Can I upgrade my package?
A: Yes, anytime you want.
Q: Can I delete my account and private data?
A: You can request an account deletion request to us. We’ll start the procedure after checking your request validation.
Q: How do I create campaign?
A: You can create your campaign on the “Campaigns” panel. After setting up your conditions and actions your campaign ready to go live.
Q: How secure is my information?
A: Please read our Privacy Policy here.